Location Based Advertising…worth it?

I’m sure everyone must’ve heard about location based advertising every now and then, but there is’nt any good example to follow yet. There are too many companies trying to do the same thing i.e. serve ads basing on the persons/objects location. It sounds practical, but implementation is the big problem.

I guess the bigger question would be would you like to give up your privacy for the sake of advertisements? Well it will be definitely worth if you’re saving lot of dough! but often you might get vexed with messages popping up….atleast now on you’re 60*60 pixel screens.

Todays article in Business week talks about skyhook wireless’s plan to implement this in large scale. Adena Schutzberg at All point blogs covers it as well. The problem that they are trying to solve, cannot be solved by Location based advertising, It is soooo waste of money and effort.. what are they trying to do? Get more people to use a Car wash center…While this might seem like a good idea , would you love getting a message on your device saying would you like a car wash? I would’nt. The answer lies in the problem itself, they say it’s very random the way customer chooses to use the car wash..SO use some tactics to generate publicity, so that the user gets interested while driving by or what ever method it might be. I will not suggest any…but you know what I’m talking about.

It may be possible that Location Based adverstising or targeted ad’s may be used to solve the car wash problem, but may be in the 2020’s. I’m not sure it will be successful anytime soon! But neverthless it’s a good start 😉 and I’m sure Google will whip out it’s own version pretty soon.. and guess what Verizon is upto these days.

So the big question what kind of problems can be solved by location based advertising? May be umm warning people about possible snow storm? or When a car is enetering a congested area? any ideas??

2 responses to “Location Based Advertising…worth it?

  1. I think early adoption will be from advertisers looking to integrate location based screens with call to action campaigns close to the point of purchase to influence the W2S consumer. There are a lot of opportunities when a holistic approach to reaching the customer through multi-tiered campaigns is the central strategy of engagement. Anything that can engage while the consumer is within the selling funnel has to be looked at seriously. I would not be surprised it someone is figuring all of this out as we speak.

  2. Lee – You are right, while it’s true that there are lot of opportunities that are still unexplored and early adopters will be looking to turn every click to a profit. I think the industry is still nascent and it’s grwoing at a fast pace, there are many startups that do the exact thing that you’ve mentioned… but to be successful with these campaigns …there are several road blocks..firstly messaging on a small screen as i said earlier, Geography and Demographics matter a lot in these kind of settings… there is a better chance of click thru in NY when compared to Salt Lake city – it usually works best in higly populated areas with a sophisticated user. And finally pricing and use – using this kind of technology for a car wash may be a trendsetter but I don’t see it becoming the norm anytime soon…CarWash’s are traditionally set up a little far from populated areas. When a new technology comes out everyone tries to exploit it in every possible way and I think thats a very good thing – at the end of the day there’s lot to learn from the experience and make it better!! 🙂

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