Zillow is getting some flak…..

Zillow has changed the way people buy and sell places, atleast  to an extent.  It has put power in peoples’ hand’s to utilize and research on publicly available information to determine the price of their current home or future home.

Emeryville by Thomas Hawk

They’ve also come-up with some new tools such as Make me move etc which are quite popular. While it’s true that the pricing may not match perfectly, Zillow should not be censured.  I guess WSJ kind of agrees  that point, but the uproar was more around the bad points! Well, for every new product out there you need  to take things with a grain of salt. Zillow is free (atleast now) and it’s providing an insight that’s been never possible before. So, as time passes by I guess it will get better at Zestimates.  In my honest opinion I think Zillow must be commended for what they’ve done to the real estate market, Kudos to Zillow! More insights can be found from James Fee’s recent experience……

There are other services such as Trulia and many more… but this flak has turned into better publicity..nothing else, more links…more hits! I guess it’s part of the strategy to make Zillow number one 🙂 What do ya say Zillow?

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