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Zillow is getting some flak…..

Zillow has changed the way people buy and sell places, atleast  to an extent.  It has put power in peoples’ hand’s to utilize and research on publicly available information to determine the price of their current home or future home.

Emeryville by Thomas Hawk

They’ve also come-up with some new tools such as Make me move etc which are quite popular. While it’s true that the pricing may not match perfectly, Zillow should not be censured.  I guess WSJ kind of agrees  that point, but the uproar was more around the bad points! Well, for every new product out there you need  to take things with a grain of salt. Zillow is free (atleast now) and it’s providing an insight that’s been never possible before. So, as time passes by I guess it will get better at Zestimates.  In my honest opinion I think Zillow must be commended for what they’ve done to the real estate market, Kudos to Zillow! More insights can be found from James Fee’s recent experience……

There are other services such as Trulia and many more… but this flak has turned into better publicity..nothing else, more links…more hits! I guess it’s part of the strategy to make Zillow number one 🙂 What do ya say Zillow?

Google should buy Digital Globe…. yes, no, may be?!

In all honesty I think Google should buy DigitalGlobe.  I  think it will do more good then bad.  Firstly, Vector data used to be the Intel inside of Cartography and literally any electronic Map, be it MapQuest, Yahoo Maps or what ever you can think of.  A paradigm shift took place since the lauch of Google Maps – Vector  Data lost it’s glamour as more and more API’s started popping up, and more geeks celebrated their victory than ever by mashing up every silly idea you can think of! 

 But now, Imagery has taken the center stage… there are simply numerous environmental and other 3D applications  that need satellite imagery to perform any kind of analysis.  Although, imagery can be bought from companies becomes too expensive for common man to buy it.   I think it makes perfect sense for Google to buy it off and democratize it

It will allow for imagery acquisition in real-time as well depending on requirements and of interest leading to the development of more real time internet applications that can utilize up-to-date data feeds.  Information will become more available, leading to more mashups and more good for the people!

 Acquisition wise it would make perfect sense, it will bump up Google’s stock! 😉 and also think of this – develop 3D models using Sketch Up and over lay on top of terrains developed from imagery.. ooooh that would be perfect!

Disclosure: I don’t own Google stock!


Chk this out All peers is a new web service that allows you to share any kind of media you want with anyone from your buddy list. It is quite intersting to see how this will fare keeping in mind the legalities of downloads. Worth a check….

Some interesting links to chk out….

  1. Fon – FON allows you to download a piece of software that is loaded into the wireless router, which inturn allows for wireless Internet access sharing.
  2. 30Boxes – Yet another interesting web 2.0 ish Calendar application (still in beta, I’ll post more abt it as soon as i get a chance to test it), that would allow you to create, share and do many more things with a calendar. Wonder what googles upto *Sigh*
  3. Apple’s intel based Macs – Chk out the sweet fucker! but i wonder why they couldnt come up with a better name MacBook…Shiiiite!
  4. ispecies – A species search engine! Pretty cool app, although i would rarely use it.

Microsoft released their version of local mapping application, that ties into the business listings and other spatial information. This is part of there web services platform Windows Live, launched recently. I have to say that they’ve done some darn impressive work with this one, this is based on the Microsoft Virtual earth platform. Chandu, Steve and Scoble…good on ya!..I was pretty amazed to see some high quality aerial images (supplied by Pictometry). Since the images are collected by airborne digital imaging system, they are pretty crisp and clear. They also have directions and also a variety of completed functions that never showed up in the initial Virtual Earth version launched a while ago. This is pretty slick and works really really smooth (as expected ermm…this is something new with microsoft 😉 ). Microsoft definitely comes close to google on this one! I’ll update this shortly..
Update: Scoble talks about it here…he’s also got a video…I could actually spot my car in one of the images! …way too cool….chk below



Songbird is a desktop media player from the same guys that developed Winamp and Yahoo! music engine. Songbird is built atop the Mozilla platform for cross-platform extensibility. The interface looks similar to Itunes, but it surely seems to boast many things that Itunes and other media players doesn’t have. The songbird team gave a good explanation here on some of the facts. Although I haven’t had a chance to test it, Michael at TechCrunch reviews it further…Its time we have a new media player…watch out Apple!