Desktop RSS Reader

Here's a great tool for readng RSS feeds on your desktop. It's called RSS Bandit and it works great! I've tried many in the past but some of them have gone from being free to paid services. Although I dont have any problem using those services, Why would I when I've got a Free tool… 🙂 I know there are other readers like Mozilla Thunderbird, but this ones pretty good so far..



I'm so backlogged with posts..I read a lot but I'm not getting time to write them out. I'll try to spare sometime for posting from now on. There's wealth of information that needs to be shared…Keep coming back..;)

Is google trying too hard?

Something I just came accross, when you install the new IE 7 beta, google invades you with their popups, asking for your permission to make google as the default search engine. This is quite interesting, even though IE7 has google search as a default option among other search services, google is doing this. Stop it google! Its too irritating and its against your ethics 😉




Chk this out All peers is a new web service that allows you to share any kind of media you want with anyone from your buddy list. It is quite intersting to see how this will fare keeping in mind the legalities of downloads. Worth a check….

Some interesting links to chk out….

  1. Fon – FON allows you to download a piece of software that is loaded into the wireless router, which inturn allows for wireless Internet access sharing.
  2. 30Boxes – Yet another interesting web 2.0 ish Calendar application (still in beta, I’ll post more abt it as soon as i get a chance to test it), that would allow you to create, share and do many more things with a calendar. Wonder what googles upto *Sigh*
  3. Apple’s intel based Macs – Chk out the sweet fucker! but i wonder why they couldnt come up with a better name MacBook…Shiiiite!
  4. ispecies – A species search engine! Pretty cool app, although i would rarely use it.


Zeitgeist 2005 from Google

Google just put out their year end Zeitgeist results. It’s pretty interestiing to see how the search is visualized and influenced by specific terms over a span of one year. Chk it out …it’s pretty cool..

Free GIS!

As we all know there are quite a few behemoths that churn out GIS/RS softwares with huge green tags. I dont have any complaints about those products, i agree they are one of *the* best and stable envoronments availabole for performing any kind of spatial analysis.

But there is very huge need for free source or low priced softwares that could do the work for us. Last time when i was present at one of the geospatial conferences, one woman came up to me asked me if there was any kind of software that has most of the features that ArcView, but with a small price tag! She has tried the ArcExplorer from ESRI, but it doesnt really let her do any kind of analysis as it is more of a dataviewer.

I wasnt quite to sure what to advice her, i said she can try GRASS as it was the only free source software that is very stable and can out perform most of the other GIS softwares that come for a price.

I have tried other platforms such as JUMP and i wasnt really impressed, they are still basic in terms of functionality but definitely a great attempt to provide every one with a tool free of cost. Over the last few months i’ve seen quite a few free tools for perfoming various kinds of spatial analysis and other geospatial processes.

I am going to share all those links so that you guys out there can just click and surf to download those great tools. Toady i came accross couple more interesting tools from one of my old friends, honestly these tools are just awesome! I still wonder how people get that much of time and patience to create such great tools. Kudos to all those great programmers, people, managers and users that have helped make these projects a reality.

Here goes the list

I will keep on adding more stuff as i find more intersting ones, i come accross so many literally that cant keep track of them! Please feel free to add anything that i missed here or or drop me a line if you find anything erroneous or for questions.
once again thanks to all those great folks who develop these free systems. Until then enjoy these free goodies and stop complaining that there isnt anything free for spatial analysis..keep rocking!