Microsoft released their version of local mapping application, that ties into the business listings and other spatial information. This is part of there web services platform Windows Live, launched recently. I have to say that they’ve done some darn impressive work with this one, this is based on the Microsoft Virtual earth platform. Chandu, Steve and Scoble…good on ya!..I was pretty amazed to see some high quality aerial images (supplied by Pictometry). Since the images are collected by airborne digital imaging system, they are pretty crisp and clear. They also have directions and also a variety of completed functions that never showed up in the initial Virtual Earth version launched a while ago. This is pretty slick and works really really smooth (as expected ermm…this is something new with microsoft đŸ˜‰ ). Microsoft definitely comes close to google on this one! I’ll update this shortly..
Update: Scoble talks about it here…he’s also got a video…I could actually spot my car in one of the images! …way too cool….chk below


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